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Sampson County Meth Task Force
Meeting October 30 , 2006

The Sampson County Meth Task Force met on October 30, 2006 at Sampson Community College in the n ew occupational building, room #140 .

Chair, J.W. Simmons, called the meeting to order at 8:30 am. The meeting was opened with prayer by Cory Oliver.

Present: J.W. Simmons; Sarah Bradshaw; Amber Cava; Brenda Fisher; Oscar Rodriguez; Cory Oliver; Michelle Warren; Richard Stephenson; Pat Green; Dennis Newton; Daphne Green; Andy Sturdy; Renee' White; Janet Stroughton; and Janet Rosenberger

The minutes from the July 27, 2006 meeting were approved by the Task Force.


J.W. stated that the Meth flyers were sent out to approximately 12,000 children through the schools last year. Star Telephone has made more copies that were available for members to take with them.

Dennis Newton mentioned that several churches have been contacted for the Faith Based endeavor and they're starting a prayer group. Corey Oliver is working with Lucinda Honeycutt to target areas for assistance. The purpose behind their efforts is to help people to overcome drug additions. They are planning to have a weekly meeting, possibly Thursday nights, to work with one family at a time. People think they can beat this thing alone. Brenda Fisher added that people with a spiritual heart recover faster. Cory feels that daily contact and accountability and bringing the whole family into the assistance program will benefit the addict. He's hoping to spark other churches into realizing that this is a legitimate ministry. Dennis feels that they need daily assurance that there is somebody helping them. They're working on a common goal.

The handouts will help and the website will direct them toward getting assistance. Pat Green suggested that they do a presentation to church youth groups. Sarah interjected that the youth ministers need to be included on the Task Force and Cory agreed.

J.W. mentioned that the website needs to be updated and kept current. Sarah acknowledged that DSS would need a program to work on the website but that Regina McNeill, the DSS Computer Administrator, is willing to maintain it. J.W. added that he's had compliments on the impact the Meth website has had, especially the graphics with the gravesite. Recovery rates are now 70% to 80%.

Sarah feels like the key to keeping the Meth Task Force on target is to keep things fresh, keep the information out there, and remain consistent. When the Task Force first began, there was an article in the Sampson Independent about them, as well as a Rotary presentation. Information was being circulated. Cory added that the website could be added to church bulletins. Richard Stephenson stated that we could add search "tags" that would direct people to our website bringing us higher on the search list. He also thought the Task Force could possibly work with corporate sponsors who make banners for events and add our website information into their websites. Pat Green mentioned that we need to take advantage of the free space on the cable channel for adding the website information. Michelle Warren added that they have a display area on the bulletin board at SRMC which could be used for our information.

Sarah reiterated that there needs to be consistency with the efforts. We need to activate the subcommittee, get organized, and formulate our plans. We could possibly even get some businesses to provide funding. Andy Sturdy stated that we can ask for funding if we have a plan to work with.

A subcommittee volunteer list was circulated and 8 people signed up to work together before the next meeting to make recommendations for the Task Force.

J.W. reviewed the information from the last meeting. Stuart Hobbs had discussed plans for the schools to have volunteer drug testing kits available that would be handed out. Parents would then be able to go back to the school counselor if they'd like and the counselor would give them a referral to Mental Health counselors. These are significant issues that the Task Force is supporting.

Andy informed the group that the Governors Crime Commission and the State Administrators have block grants available. They look at innovative, community based programs. We need to come up with a plan and get our heads together to determine how we need funds to be utilized. We can get assistance with writing a grant proposal.



Oscar Rodriguez with Sampson Community College was introduced as the replacement on the Meth Task Force for Marvin Rondon. He has already been speaking to civic groups on behalf of the Task Force. Oscar advised the group that Channel 40, the Hispanic channel, could do public service announcements. The Hispanics on a whole are very family oriented. They will try to fix a problem without outside help. He added that the schools have parent / teacher meetings 3 times a year that would give the Task Force a good opportunity to get information to the parents.

J.W. introduced Janet Stroughton from Tri-County to the group. She is a welcome addition to the Task Force.

Amber Cava alerted the Task Force to the many opportunities that could be used to our advantage in Sampson County and neighboring counties. We could have promotional items made: i.e. pens, bumper stickers etc. to increase visibility. There could also be Meth information placed on a stand up board at a manned booth at local events, for example, the Street Fair.

J.W. stated that we need to determine how often the Meth Task Force wants to meet.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 am.